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We´re a Cyber-Radio-Station, founded in summer 2011
by some guys from the snowy Mountains in Tirol/Austria

All our Channels where handled by DJ's from all around the Globe

thru' this young years where  exist we had 1 Rule
to collect our know of Music and the constant work on quality & technology.

We dig our roots deep into electronic music
in order to entertain people 
all around the Milky Way!

We work together as a Team to 
escort the Concept
 "Cyber-Radio" in a new Generation of Sound! 
12 Channels for the Nation = PsychoActive RadioStation
SpeciaL thanks to:
all users, dj´s and people which inspire us
it´s fancy to see you here

We purchase all our tunes
 in order to show support and
appreciation to the artists and producers who makes them.
      acquires all the Music from:  
Amazon Music ------>http://www.amazon.com/psytrance            
Junodownload ----->http://www.junodownload.com
We call you up, 
please support and follow the artists!
If you are not be interested to buy your Music legal anywhere...
Here you can find no free or illegal download!! 

... music is free to enjoy for everybody ...
 !!! we don't support illegal downloads !!!
if you are a copyright holder of a song what we've played
or uploaded and you don´t want us to do this, 
please message to us (psytube@hotmail.de)
and we will immediately put measures
Have Fun ~ feel yourself free + enjoy daily! 
Allllllmighty BOOo)(oOOM
Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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